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Please visit my new blog.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shrine to the things that matter to me.

This is a shrine I made to represent all the things that are important to me. I used decoupage, acrylic paints and 3D decoupage as well as different embellishments. The eye is the window to the soul, and seeing the world in all its beauty as well as representing truth which are all important. There is a picture of a man and woman holding hands but you can only see the two hands if you look carefully which represents the importance of love, family and friends. The sea shell represents the sea, the birds are nature, happiness and freedom. I believe in fairies, angels and love butterflies and nature. An old Greek coin represents history and heritage. The picture of the stars and cosmos represents mythology and the greatness and importance of our world. The candle is light and next to that is an incense stick. All the senses are represented because they are all important to me. In a way this shrine tells a little bit about the person I am and the things I am interested in and that I like and I tried to fit everything into this one small box. On the inside of the box I decoupaged torn pieces of paper from an old book as well as old music sheets. I stained it with coffee to give it that old antique look. That represents my love for music and books as well as the fact that I am a knowledge seeker and books are very close to my heart. Lace, mirrors, curly shapes, victorian era, fairies, angels, butterflies, birds, music, flowers, nature, sea and then finally the big key which opens up the door to my soul which I am the keeper of.

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