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Please visit my new blog.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soul Collage Cards

Soul Collage is a creative collage anyone can do to express themselves in an artful way. You work mainly with images but words can also be used. Each card reflects a part of yourself and also reflects different aspects of who you are.

These cards will help you to discover yourself and those parts of you that sometimes not even you are aware of. It will give you insight, purpose and self-understanding about yourself.

The only materials you need are images. Any images from magazines, photos, catalogues, calendars and postcards and scissors, glue and any cardboard to work on. You can decide how big you want your cards to be.

With Soul Collage Cards you use your intuition to create and each card must have a deep personal meaning to you. With every card you will find answers to life's questions and you will slowly start to understand yourself better.

I see it as self-help therapy and a way you can tell your story about all the parts that makes you the person you are. These cards will grow as you grow and change. It will give you guidance in many ways. It will help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses and through questions you will ask yourself you will slowly start to understand yourself better.


  1. Collage Cards is imaginative and fantastic, bravo Ansota:)

  2. Thanks for the visit Biljana! Great to see you :)


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