“To find your creative muse you have to go to a place within yourself where no one else has ever been. Experiment, brake the rules, make mistakes, grow and most of all ... Have fun while doing it! Don't wait for inspiration to come to you .. go out and find it.Never loose the child within you because within the child you will find your imagination. Be creative and be inspired and you will live a life filled with wonderful creative blessings."

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Please visit my new blog.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time to Play!

There are times when I want to connect with my inner child and just play a little. Times when I want to set myself free to create and have fun! The feeling of joy and cheerfulness and happiness I experience while I am playing with my paint is so liberating and relaxing. Maybe I am still trying to find my own inner voice I don't know. There are so many different art forms and styles I love and to find the ONE that I can truly call the one that is uniquely me has been staying out of my reach. One thing I do know is that I would love to be the kind of artist who conveys some kind of emotion through my work. A smile on someones face or the feeling of joy and happiness when they look at my paintings. Inspiration, peace, love and  sometimes something to think about but most of all just a happy feeling and making you forget about life even if only for that little space in time when you get lost in one of my paintings.

I get side-tracked every once in a while and then I want to do more serious work but is that what I really want? I think I have just answered myself.

Anyhow here is the art journal page I have been working on today. I love this kind of work. I still want to add some words to the page but will post the finished page once I have done that.


  1. Ansota, feel it is important to children! I have 44 years but inside I feel
    8 !!:-))
    I can assure you that your paintings convey emotions!



  2. I'd agree with Francesco - your paintings do convey emotion - and in your own unique style.
    Sometimes I'd get hung up on my work not being as technically perfect as many others who blog. But in the end, its not important. The feelings conveyed are - and yours are FULL of feeling :) xx

  3. Yes, I agree--this is why it's called art--like a good book or movie or performance. It takes us away from our world for a little while and we just enjoy it. Just look at your art!! It makes me smile!

  4. We all need time to play... I love your style, the emotion in your paintings jumps right at you. They are beautiful.... thank you for popping by my blog..

  5. Wonderful piece! Delicate, soft and full of happiness:)

  6. Thank you for all the comments. It's true, we need time to play and when we do we can go into our own world and get lost for that moment in time.


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