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Please visit my new blog.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today I want to revisit one of my earlier paintings and thought to do a post about those days. I still remember how I struggled with this particular painting of Sasha. Since I started my journey in art I have been exploring so many different styles but it has been such a wonderful learning experience and when you are self-taught and there isn't anyone around to give you tips or guidance the road to success can sometimes be very hard. When I started I went through the phase of wanting to do animals and I painted a number of paintings. I sold all the ones that were framed but the one painting I could never sell is this one of Sasha.

She was a lot of work and lot of detail ... can't remember exactly but I remember I started painting her and couldn't get the head in proportion so just tucked her away and then a few months later I took her again and all of a sudden she was ready to be finished. I love this painting and I had offers from family members who want to buy her but there is something about her that is too personal to me. I will never sell her. That was the last painting of an animal I did and after her I didn't touch paints for years until two years ago when I decided to start art journaling and now I am on a new road of discovery. What a wonderful journey I have been on so far and I am still learning something new every day.


  1. Sasha is beautiful, you were right not to sell it!
    Congratulations, I really like the set and especially the eyes!

    Ciao Ansota!

  2. I agree--she's beautiful and special. What a wonderful piece to keep to help remind you of your art journey.

  3. Hi Ansota- I really love this piece-Beautiful work! Your post reminds me of me I did a lot of animals for commission when I was younger too, and your right when there is no teacher to help and inspire you along the way it can be hard sometimes and it is a journey to learn and grow and figure things out, I feel the same being self taught means youll always will learn something from every painting for the next painting, but it is fun. I love your your Mary Rosy painting on your sidebar very pretty face-Sincerely,Jonny

  4. What an expression! Such character! And so detailed... I wouldn't see her either. She "talks".


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