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Please visit my new blog.

Please visit my new blog.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

eezy peezy: Eezy Peezy Journals are FINALLY HERE

Check out Caryl's launch of her brainchild Eezy Peezy Journals. It took her one year to develop this beautiful journal and I think it will make a lovely Christmas present for a dear one. It is filled with colorful doodles and she made it really easy for even the beginner or person who can't draw a stick figure to also keep an art journal. I love her designs and the entire concept and give it five stars for originality.

You can read all about Caryl and her Eezy Peezy Journal on her blog! Check it out, you will love it!

eezy peezy: Eezy Peezy Journals are FINALLY HERE:     You are simply going to love this. Everything is contained in this package to help you make a beautiful Eezy Peezy Journal. sh...



  1. Ana: I went to the link and my laptop came back w/a malware warning on that site.. are u aware of it?

  2. Really? That is strange but thanks I will investigate Kalei :)

  3. I know Caryl and don't know why your laptop wouldn't go to her site. I just checked it out and it works fine Kalei. I am not sure why it showed a malware warning but I will tell Caryl about it ok. I know she would want to fix it. Thanks for letting me know. :)


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