“To find your creative muse you have to go to a place within yourself where no one else has ever been. Experiment, brake the rules, make mistakes, grow and most of all ... Have fun while doing it! Don't wait for inspiration to come to you .. go out and find it.Never loose the child within you because within the child you will find your imagination. Be creative and be inspired and you will live a life filled with wonderful creative blessings."

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Please visit my new blog.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remember Me

My journey to develop my own style has been a long one. With no art background and being a self-taught artist my progress was slow and it is a matter of trial and error.  I work full time which doesn't allow me enough time to really focus on my art. For years I have been practicing and painting but I never achieved the effect I saw in my imagination.

Last night I took one of my old failures and slapped some gesso over it and started drawing a face very loosely and just started to paint without trying to make it perfect and it worked! I didn't worry about solid outlines or shading everything smoothly like I have been doing for so long and for the first time I am happy with a face I have done. 

I didn't paint her but I allowed her to show me how she wanted to be painted. I am excited about this new breakthrough ... well I see it as a breakthrough in my art ... and the feeling that I have accomplished something big is wonderful. I used charcoal and acrylic paint and did some stamping in the background and I decoupaged the bird on her shoulder. 



  1. You did it; she is absolutely georgeous......I am so proud of you...Your perserverance has certainly paid off.....

    I am self taught as well and still looking for my style and my nitch....having fun trying to find it...

  2. what a wonderful post! she is beautiful!

  3. Your faces are so beautiful! I am also self taught and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for sharing!


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