“To find your creative muse you have to go to a place within yourself where no one else has ever been. Experiment, brake the rules, make mistakes, grow and most of all ... Have fun while doing it! Don't wait for inspiration to come to you .. go out and find it.Never loose the child within you because within the child you will find your imagination. Be creative and be inspired and you will live a life filled with wonderful creative blessings."

Please visit my new blog.

Please visit my new blog.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A very quick art journal page I completed after work tonight. Just painting without giving too much attention to detail and just enjoying the process of making art. 

 And here is a close up of the face. I love the loose textural effect I achieved by painting fearlessly.
And another one


  1. Beautiful! That Eyes!!

    Merry Christmas Ansota!


  2. You are so inspiring. I am looking forward to ten days of more time ( I have Christmas vacation!!) to do my art journaling. This is the longest I've gone, this month, without a lot of creating for myself in my journals. (It's uncomfortable.) Your work is so wonderful for my soul.

  3. Doesn't it feel great - painting fearlessly as you called it... She is beautiful.


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